The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.

A Residential Property Tax Consulting Course will teach you how not to pay more than you need for property taxes.

Do you know that over 40% of people overpay for property taxes without knowing it?

A residential property tax counseling course will teach you how to be a professional counselor and find clients who will help them save money and pay you in return.

Can you imagine what it would be like for customers flowing from your website funnel or your office door asking for your help?

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Business can go better than ever when money flows in and you help people save their pockets.

This is indeed a nice fantasy.

But instead, you’re stuck at a small table, in a full building, and doing a job you hate.

You work on your ass from home and barely get prospects to even listen to you.

At the moment you are frustrated and unable to understand what needs the market is looking for.

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And it annoys you every day that passes when you listen to another ‘hero’ become a millionaire and that person was your worst competitor.

But what if I told you I know a way out of your suffering.

Simply keep reading this review.

I have exactly what you need to find customers, not worry about competition and thrive in your business and new customers pouring in the door every day.

You see there is a need for a market that needs to be filled and almost no one is doing anything to fill it right now.

Therefore it is essential that you keep reading and see what others do not know.

How did I start with a Residential Property Tax Consulting Course

I am writing this review of a Residential Property Counseling course to show you how easy it was for me to go on the right track and start making money like it was nothing.

And not only that, but I was able to help a lot of people, who were torn instead.

You see, let me tell you a little secret that you probably know but do not think about it much.

Corporations and the government do not really care about you and they will rip you off if they have a chance to do so.

Most people know while we talk and when you read it pays more property taxes than they need.

And the crazy part is that they do not even know it’s happening.

They continue to give them money, which the banks happily take, and on the other hand, they are not fully aware that they are paying more.

Factors indicating property taxes

You see, some factors rely heavily on the tax you have to pay for your property.

An earthquake recently hit the city where I lived, hitting more than a thousand buildings.

The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.
The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.

My apartment cracked and my building almost collapsed.

In other areas, there were people who lost their lives and the number of victims was over 50.

These people who have lost their homes have no idea they have paid the same tax as someone who has a larger property of better quality.

The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.
The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.

Now, let me ask you if this sounds fair to you because it sounds awful to me.

When I asked my parents who live in a one-story house in the countryside about the property tax, they claimed they pay the same as my aunt who lives in the city in a ten-story building with more housing.

My first experience in a residential property tax counseling course

I did not always know this and let me tell you that when I first discovered this I was angrier than a bull that saw a red flag.

I came home from work and listened to an audiobook.

The audiobook was by Robert Kiyosaki and his lawyer and the topic was about debts and taxes and how to move in their lines.

For a moment the lawyer mentioned how most people pay property taxes more than they need to and do not even know it.

He explained how property taxes are something that is determined by many things including the conditions of the property.

The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.
The Millionaire Guide On Residential Property Tax Consulting Course To Help You Get Rich.

But that the government did not check the tax collection offices often so everyone was able to do tricks on people.

I came home angry and started doing quick math.

I searched the internet and then came across a residential property tax counseling course.

I decided to give it a try and from the looks of it, I learned that I pay more than it has been for years.

Once I mastered the craft of debt and taxes, I began to give my knowledge to other people in the form of service.

So I started advising others based on how the e-book taught me and now, four months later, I find myself happier than ever.

How does a residential property tax counseling course work?

The ebook is pretty simple and you will get all the instructions on how to be successful.

It is almost impossible to fail once you have this ebook in your hands.

You will get all the instructions you need. Learning how to avoid paying more than you need on your property taxes will be easier than ever.

Once you are addicted and have learned enough on your own then you can start advising others.

You can give instructions with almost certainty to customers in order to pay exactly what they are required to, and not overpay!

This is a step-by-step process and you are encouraged to take on portfolios from scratch, so you earn when you apply these specific adjustments to a particular client.

With easy-to-understand training, you can help customers lower their taxes and set their records.

In the customer help process, you earn considerable commissions.

Earning potential can be in the sky. Customers are everywhere.

You will find that in fact there is almost no competition in the most local area.

What do you get with a residential property tax counseling course?

Package No. 1: Pre-written, ready to use the presentation format for any property tax appeal
Free appeal forms on hundreds of homes and property taxes.

The forms can be downloaded in PDF and provide a general template for organizing your information in an acceptable format so that you can present your evidence in a good style.

It is similar to that used by a licensed real estate appraiser. You will receive the password to access this information shortly after your order.

Package # 2: All Pre-Written Forms, Letters, Customer Contracts You’ll Ever Need to Do Business
Sample fee agreement forms, full fee agreement form, sample consultant/agency approval form, full consultant/agency authorization forms.

Residential solicitation letters, signed contract transfer letters, thank you for choosing our company letters.

We have submitted your appeal letters, invoice form for services rendered, attached to your invoice letters, destination notice letters.

Package No. 3: Marketing program for people close to a property tax consultant
These are the software and the extraction of making this business work.

All the methods, advice, and tactics you will need to keep track of this business.

You learn how to set up your business and learn how to start marketing your business to a huge population of potential customers.

Package # 4: Free lifetime updates
Update yourself with the latest research and property tax advice.

Package # 5: Free Persuasion Tactics and a Convincing E-Book Sales Copy
Useful you can get your hands on all this value, the product itself, the promise of being ecstatic with the result, and promising help in your business if you need it.

Plus, if things don’t work out, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Package No. 6: Free persuasion sales letters and a copywriting course
The power of words can make you rich. If you can not convince people to buy your products, you are not going anywhere.

Did you think that maybe that missing piece is knowing how to write a compelling copy for your customers?

The only thing that stands between you and a much bigger success is just a good marketing copy?

Common questions

How does a residential property tax counseling course work again?
It’s pretty easy. You get all the information you need about property taxes.

You learn all the relevant details and start avoiding paying more for your property.

Once this is done then you start getting information on how to teach others to save money.

When you connect to your first customers, the rest is almost automatic.

Will the courses be too complicated for me?
Not at all. You see, you would not expect to learn hard math or anything like that.

Just get easy information and teach you in an instant what you need to know.

Critical information but also very easy to get into your head.

In fact, a friend of mine who never knew anything about taxes and could barely double numbers managed to succeed through this course.

Is there a warranty?
I would not be writing this review here if there was no guarantee of it.

You will have 60 days to buy before you try and everything is risk-free.

If you feel you cannot properly use the courses given to you, you can request a refund and get your money back.


These courses are without a doubt the best thing I have seen regarding property taxes.

Not only was I able to save money out of my own pocket, but I was also able to help others and get a great commission out of it.

I am more satisfied with the results.


  • An e-book that is easy to read and simple to understand

  • There is no complicated math you have to do

  • You do not have to worry about reducing the number as it is done for you

  • New customers are everywhere in this business

  • Help yourself and others save money

  • Build a business that can generate passive income

  • You must read a while in order to start practicing

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